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The Truth

Every wealthy family wants to feel confident that their desired outcomes will prevail. The burden and cost of not getting this right, not just today, but for generations, well, it’s immense. 

"You have to become uncomfortable before you can understand the path to better wealth and life outcomes." - John Parise

Being a successful CEO to your family’s purpose and wealth starts with asking yourself the most important questions. Some of these questions may be disturbing, but they truly set the stage for a better life, now and for generations.  

Over 32 years serving wealthy families, we have developed and fine-tuned the “10 Disturbing Questions”. You should be able to answer these, and when you do, they will change how you plan and view your wealth. Open up your mind to what’s possible for your family’s wealth and purpose. 

One of the first questions we ask:

How many circumstances in your life and business is your wealth protected from?

Unfortunately, the list is long. There is no need to be scared, just be prepared.